Talking with Maggie Maggio and Lindly Haunani

Talking with Maggie Maggio and Lindly Haunani

Double your interview fun today with Maggie Maggio and Lindly Haunani.

Ridiculously talented polymer clay artists, Maggie and Lindly, took on a joint book project to explore a topic that brings out the passion in both: COLOR

If you’ve been shy around color, or are stuck in a “color palette” rut, this book has the remedy to challenge and inspire.

Make sure to check out both Ms. Maggio’s and Ms. Haunani’s sites for all kinds of info and visual eye candy.


LINDLY HAUNANI’s work has appeared in more than fifty invitational and juried shows and was awarded a prestigious Niche Award.

Lindly is a founding member of the National Polymer Clay Guild. Along with Pierrette Ashcroft, she is the author of “Artist’s at Work: Polymer Clay Comes of Age.”  Lindly’s latest book was written with Maggie Maggio. “Color Inspirations“ has become the reference manual for the polymer community and for artists in other media as well. She has produced several video workshops and been featured in many magazines.

Harriete Estel Berman creates jewelry, sculpture, Judaica & installations from recycled materials [] and author of the Professional Guidelines

Maggie Maggio has studied and played with color for over thirty years. Trained as an architect and interior designer, Maggie discovered polymer clay in the early 1990′s and immediately recognized its potential for exploring color. As a co-founder of the Northwest Polymer Clay Guild, she was a member of the four person team that created Ravensdale ’96 , the first national polymer clay conference. In 2000-2001 she chaired the National Polymer Clay Guild’s Courting the Muse conference at Bryn Mawr College, and as Vice-President of the International Polymer Clay Association she co-chaired the 2008 Synergy I conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Maggie and Lindly Hanauni are co-authors of the book Polymer Clay Color Inspirations, recently published by Watson-Guptill/Random House. With the polymer clay book behind her, Maggie is now focusing on expanding her circle, sharing her eye-opening approach to color with artists, designers, craftsmen and crafters in all media.

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