Talking with Bronwen Heilman

Talking with Bronwen Heilman

Today I talk with Bronwen Heilman.

I’m in love with Bronwen’s recycled art and her approach to creating, using what she discovers hunting around at thrift shops or her local bar.

“My work explores the boundaries that I encounter in my daily life and the force it takes to go beyond these boundaries. I push myself and my work constantly through the walls that define a particular moment in time. I am always fighting my way out of this box, only to find another box just beyond. This process of molding and defining, then remolding and redefining my art helps me to find and define my own voice.”

Not to leave out, she also plays bass in her own band, GhostCow Band.


Bronwen Heilman is a full-time studio artist and flamework glass instructor whose work has been exhibited and received awards in numerous juried exhibitions. She is a recipient of the International Glass Bead Society Presidents Award, first place in soft marble competition, among others. Her work is published in 1000 Glass Beads, 500 Beaded Objects, Contemporary Lampworking,  Glass Bead Masters and many others.   She is on the Board at Sonoran Glass School in Tucson, Arizona.

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