Mixed Metal Flowers with Deb Karash @ CraftCast.com

Mixed Metal Flowers

Instructor Bio: 
90 minutes
06/10/2020 - 5:30pm

Join master metalsmith Deb Karash, Wednesday, June 10th at 5:30 PM EST and learn how to create a stunning mixed-metal flower pendant. 

Time to up your metal-smithing skills. 

In this project, layers of techniques, materials, and textures come together to create this multi-layer flower. 

Learn tips and tricks for adding interest to your jewelry by combining simple techniques and visually inspiring surfaces.

Watch, as Ms. Karash shows you essential forming and riveting techniques that give this project volume and dimension. 

*BONUS* Deb will demonstrate the multi-use tool she invented; The Little Black Block. You will want to add this tool to your studio set-up!

Complete your piece by watching close-up the professional finishing techniques that will bring your work to the next level. 

Use embellishments like beads or crystals to make the design your own. 

You’ll be inspired to start creating your garden of metal flowers. 

AND during the LIVE class, Ms. Karash will take questions from attendees!!

Don’t miss this special presentation!!

Included in your purchase is a PDF with photos, notes and online resources plus a class video to watch as many times as you like.

No experience necessary.

Please note: the PDF is not a stand-alone instructional booklet.

Covered In This Class: 
  • Annealing metal
  • Adding textures to metal
  • Dapping shapes
  • Riveting
  • Creating bails
  • Assembly
  • Finishing techniques
  • Adding embellishment
Materials Used In This Class: 
  • 22 gauge copper
  • 22 gauge silver
  • 20 gauge brass escutcheon pins or 20 gauge wire rivets
  • Saw frame with 4/0 blade
  • Bench pin
  • #2 Swiss 8” barrette file
  • Needle files
  • Brass brush
  • Steel burnisher
  • beads with #6 hole (to fit onto rivet)
  • Flex shaft
  • #64 drill bit
  • #55 drill bit
  • Little Black Block or Bench block
  • Hammer hand piece for flex shaft or rivet hammer/small ball peen hammer
  • Rolling mill or texture hammers
  • Super flush cutter
  • Renaissance wax and soft cloth (NOT microfiber)
  • Liver of Sulphur
  • tuff brake
  • Punch (not an automatic punch)
  • Large dapping block
  • Nylon wedge hammer

Included with the video download, a PDF filled with photos, notes and all the resources you need to get started.

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