See you in the SPRING!

October 28, 2019

I love my garden auger bit for my drill! It made planting 250 bulbs a whole lot easier than last year when I only had a shovel. If you don't know about, check it out. They have an amazing selection and the quality is superior. This year I added even more daffodils, and then added 100 of mixed tulip bulbs. It's always a happy time of year when they start to show the little green tops coming up.

Outside clean-up is done for the year. All have been raked, mulched, and planted. For the first season in our new home, it went well. I've learned where there is too much sun for one thing. I moved a hydrangea that needed a bit of shade and added a hydrangea that I've been told LOVES sun.

I did leave the hammock up. It is fun to have on sunny winter days to do some sky and cloud watching.

Now it's time to start concentrating on indoor projects. I've inherited some wonderful plants from my son who wanted to make more room in his apartment. I think they'll be happy here. The next project is getting some plant lights installed.


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